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** Basic Features.
* No Programming Or Installation Skills Are Required
* Cookie tracking - reduces cheating
* Complete IP tracking - reduces cheating
* Unlimited Number of Sites.
* Unlimited Number of Categories.
* Header and footer code is supported
* Welcome email will be automatically sent once an account has been established
* Privileged sites support (always at top of search and browse lists)
* Rank daily, weekly, or monthly
* Multiple pages
* Each site has unique ID value, and each URL is allowed once
* Static page generation is done automatically
* Ability to specify duration between 'static page generation'.
* Password saved with high-grade md5 encryption making it un-hackable
* Password reminder utility

** Administrator Control Panel.
* The black list by URL and IP.
* Different number of sites in top list (TOP 25, TOP 50, TOP 100).
* Statistics of the users
* You able to edit user's information
* Ability to set 'admin approval' to 'activate' account
* Ability to suspend accounts so that they are not shown on the site, but not deleted either
* Powerful search capabilities
* Ability to change statistics period
* Opportunity to inform Administrators about new users
* Creation and editing of the categories

** User Panel.
* Statistics of the user for any period.
* Change of the user's information and categories of the site.
* Different banners and HTML code generation.
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